• With the state art facility the group has evolved in to a prime health facility center for its corporate and individual clients.
  • We are committed to consistently deliver healthcare of international standards.
  • With Up-to-date technology,we provide the best service for our clients.
  • Advanced care is currently planning a major expansion in the UAE. Our state of the art advanced care medical Centre and Advanced Care Pharmacy in Al Quos industrial Area are well equipped and has a dedicated team of medical professionals that are committed to provide best medical services to the community from morning till night,aiming to expands services infuture to the best interest of its clients.
  • Our second medicalcentre is fully operational and is strategically located at National paints round about Sharjah to serve the local residents and is named as first Gulf MEdical Centre.
  • Our Third Medical Centre is now open at International City named as City Clinic,which is the first medical facilityin the whole international city area.
  • Two more medical centres, New advanced care poly clinic, Hor Al-Anz and care plus Medical Centre,frij Murar is operationalsince April 2009.
  • Our next projects Advanced Care Medical Centre & Advanced Care Pharmacy in Jebel Ali and AJman is expected to beoperational by the end of this year.